Exploring Arkansas Day 1

It’s my first day in Little Rock. Start a new job tomorrow. Today I’m exploring the trail that is close to my new office. The goal: explore the Arkansas River Trail. I parked in a non-descript lot. Then start riding the , I explore some of the trail nearby to warm up.┬áThis is a great area to ride though. Shady. Scenic. No cars.

What is this?

As I come around the loop part of the trail I arrive at the Big Dam Bridge. I didn’t realize there is a bike bridge crossing the Arkansas river. As I come to the bridge I decide to ride across it. I enjoy the views.

On the other side I ride toward downtown. I don’t quite make it. I’m running out of water and don’t want to get caught out.

Finding the Big Dam Bridge is awesome. I thought I’d never be able to bike to my office. But the bridge not only makes that possible it connects to the office park where I will be working. It’s only about 1/4 mile from the office door.

So far I’m liking Little Rock.



Written by 19McDave73

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