More than expected

Weather was perfect today. Been dry enough for trails to be rideable. Today was my first trail ride in Arkansas.

The plan was ride for 45 minutes and meet the family for dinner.

I rode from Northshore to Burns Park. That led to a variety of trails. Around Northshore it’s sandy, flat. A lot like Huntsville State Park in Texas. In Burns park there’s more elevation change. Parts are rocky. Like Waco, Texas’ Cameron Park. Some parts are rooty -like Houston. But all these different trails types. Are only a few miles apart, rather than several hundred.

Riding here is very different than Central Texas. I can see why people choose full squish bikes here. I understand he need for beefier tires. AR will make me a better rider because you have to be competent at riding everything. Not just one style.

I managed to get lost. There’s an app for that. Trailforks is excellent.

So mu 45-minute ride turned into 1h30. Every minute of it was enjoyable.

Written by 19McDave73

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